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March 26, 2010
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S4 League

Bearer of the Virus

The year is 2025, I have been running now for over a week now……..always running…….always hiding…….always trying to save my skin……ALL BECAUSE OF THAT SUNNVA……….sorry…….let me start again

My name is Karin
Code Name – LeoArcticaa.
Healer/Defender Esper.
Level 43 - Pro.
Clan Member of N.I.N.J.A.

I have been playing S4 League for over three years, and I have loved every moment of it. That love has grown ever since I met four other Espers.

Escalade: Sniper Esper – Best Friend – Clan Leader
Jamezsterr: Striker Esper – Best Friend – Clan Leader
Wolfyfang: Berserker Esper – Best Friend – Pet - Partner
Ichigomayuri: Gunner Esper – Best Friend – Team Mate

They are the ones who got me into S4 League and together we are part of Clan N.I.N.J.A. I love each and everyone of you guys, they have shown me many tricks and skills to make me the player that I am………..good times…….

That all changed three weeks ago……I was doing some private training on a piece of digital forest that the clan had created, everything was going well until I saw someone in the bushes, I didn't recognise them as one of our clan members so I drew my SMG's and called out to whoever was there.

"I know your there, unless you want a full clip emptied into your face, come out and show yourself!"

The figure shambled out of the bushes, he was slumped over, he was wearing a black and white coat and he held a red and white Plasma Sword. He approached me slowly.

Who are you and how did you get in here!?

He lifted his head and I got the shock of my life. His eyes were glowing blood red, his skin was pale as snow and his speech seemed slurred. He continued to walk towards me.

I felt a cold shiver down my spine.

"S…stay back, I'm warning you, stay back or I will shoot you!"

He didn't listen……with a hideous snarl he lunged towards me with lightening speed.
I felt a sharp pain in my side as his sword connected with me, I have never seen an Esper move that fast before, nor strike with such force, I fell to the floor in agony.

He continued to advance on me and swung his sword at my face.


With a huge clang, his sword rebounded off my Counter Sword, as he staggered back I gave him a huge punch with my gauntlet into his face and he flew across the map and slammed into the opposite wall with a bone crunching thud and slumped over.

I stood there for a moment, gasping for breath as his form began to digitise out. Eventually he disappeared, leaving a red haze in the air. The haze smelt horrible that it made me gag and it seemed to be enveloping me, suddenly I passed out.

When I awoke, I saw Wolfyfang looking over me.


"Wolfy….I'm fine….where did that guy go?"

Wolfyfang gave me a confused look

"What guy master? I have just logged in to play with you when I found you here….are you ok?....what happened?"

"It's a bit fuzzy…but….I was training alone just a moment ago…..when this guy appeared in the bushes….he wasn't part of the clan and he attacked me"

Wolfyfang's eyes widened with worry.

"Did he hurt you master?, are you injured?!"

I showed him my injury in my side, it still hurts like buggery.

"Master! Your bleeding!, common lets get you to the medical centre".

We both logged out of the forest and headed for the centre of the Netsphere. Little did I know that the injury in my side was the least of my problems.

Two weeks later, me, Escalade, Jamezsterr, Wolfyfang and Ichigomayuri were going to the far side of the Netsphere to join in a Clan war.

Clan N.I.N.J.A vs Clan DarkAngelz

Honestly, I don't like clan wars that much, but Jamezsterr insisted he needed a healer for the battle and I couldn't just say no to a friend. Plus the prize for the winner was over 50000 Pen. I could get myself a new Revolver with that
I was excited and nervous but everyone kept my spirits up for the coming battle. As I sat down making sure my gear was working properly, Escalade came down and sat next to me.

"It's been two weeks since that fight you had, you still feeling ok?"

"Course I am Esca, don't worry about me, let's get ready to beat these guys!"

Escalade gave me his trademark smirk before he called to everyone.

"How about we make this interesting guys, the one who gets the least points in this fight has gotta buy us all lunch okay? ITS NOT GONNA BE ME THAT'S FOR SURE HAHA"

Jamezsterr laughed as he put on his hood.

"That's what you think bub!"

Just then, the announcer came on the T.V screen.

"Attention, will all fighters proceed to their bases and prepare for battle"

We all headed for our base, excited and itching to get out into the field. Ichigomayuri turned to me as he loaded his Revolver.

"You ready, Partner?"

I laughed as I clenched my gauntlet with a small clang.

"Ready as I'll ever be partner"

We entered our base and the door opened, revealing a stadium filled with other
Espers watching. The commentator came on the screen again.


We all readied ourselves to fight, no holding back, this is for our clan!

Just then Escalade turned to us and yelled.

"Ok team, lets show these punks how we fight, N.I.N.J.A style!"


"FIGHT, SHOW US YOU S4!" Yelled the commentator.

And with that, we rushed out of our base at top speed, right for the centre of the field, the building will give us some great cover. So I pelted at full speed to give my team some covering fire as they got into position.
However, one of the enemy players had the same idea and I heard bullets whizz past my head, I dove into the building and landed in a pile of rubble. I then let the lead fly out of the window, taking out two of the enemies in one burst, putting us in the lead.

The player that tried to shoot me had disappeared, as I scanned the area for him or her, I failed to notice the shadow creeping over me.

Before I knew it, I felt a sharp spike in my spine, this player was not using a normal weapon, in fact, it wasn't a weapon even used in this game, to my horror I realized that this player was draining my life-force away, he was hacking my data, trying to delete me from the fight.

"The hell are…y…ou….do…ing?! Stoppit! STOOOOOOP!" I cried

She just laughed at me and increased the items power, I could feel my mind going fuzzy, in that moment, I thought it was over……..

Then it happened…….

I opened my eyes, and all I saw was red, I suddenly gave a terrifying howl and swung my Counter Sword at the hacker. The attack blew the hacker out of the window and into a ditch with a large boom. This caused everyone in the stadium to stop fighting and look at the building I was in.

Everyone looked on in puzzlement, until Escalade ran to the building calling out my name.


Before Escalade could finish, the whole building exploded in a huge flash of digital light, vaporizing it. As the dust cleared, I stood up……..everywhere I looked….I saw red… and black……I felt angry……VERY angry…..I only had one thought on my mind……KILL!!!!

I saw the hacker that tried to delete me staggering to her feet, in fury I dashed straight towards her with blinding speed, she didn't realize until I had her by her throat.

"W…what the hell are you!?" she cried "P..ut me…."


That was the sound of her neck snapping, and she slumped to the floor……dead….

Suddenly I heard someone yelling in the stands.


"Virus?" I thought "What Virus" I looked to my right at that's when I saw her……….a little girl hovered above me, she wore a ragged velvet dress and her eyes were filled with tears but she gave off an aura of pure hatred and evil. She came closer to me and whispered.

"Kill them all……let them taste our pain…..our hatred….." She turned into a black cloud and it enveloped me. I felt a surge of power rush into my body, my mind was suddenly filled with hatred and darkness.


Those words kept repeating in my mind, I let out another terrifying howl and began chasing down the rest of the enemy clan…….killing them with ease…….


Escalade, Jameszsterr, Wolfyfang and Ichigomayuri watched on in horror as security droids and Espers surrounded me.

"Karin?......the hell has happened to you?" Said Escalade.

"How the hell did Karin get infected by a virus?!" Cried Jamszsterr.

Wolfyfangs eyes widened with fear "That fight master had two weeks ago………I think it was an infected Esper……when it attacked and injured master, it must of passed on the virus……."

Ichigomayuri began to panic "Guys!! Their gonna delete Karin!! We need to do something…..FAST!!!

The voice returned to me…..this time in a softer tone….."I am Alice……do not fear me….I am your friend….." My eyes glazed over and I fell to my knees as she continued. "These Espers are your enemies……The Netsphere is our enemy…we must destroy it……we must…."


I let out a cry of pain as I felt a jolt of electricity shoot into my body, it knocked out Alice's voice and I came to my senses. As I gathered myself I heard angry voices yelling at me.

"Monster! You killed them!" They were all pointing at me. "Delete her now!!"

Confused and scared I began looking for my team-mates, "Karin!! Over here!!" It was Jameszterr, and I ran towards him.

I hid behind them in fear as the other Espers surrounded us. They were angry and fearful…..of me…..

Just then, another Espser pushed past the crowd, he wore a blue and black outfit, it was clear he was a GM (Game Master).

"Give up the girl, scanners confirm that she is heavily infected with The Alice Virus"

"Alice Virus?!" said Ichigomayuri "What the hell are you talking about?!"

The GM ignored him and continued his demand.

"If you attempt to shield her, we will eliminate your accounts, step aside"

Wolfyfang grew angry with the GM.


The GM zapped Wolfyfang with his Mind Shock, knocking him out cold.

Escalade was furious "Stop it!, your making a huge mistake, its not……

The GM just did the same to him, and to Jameszterr and Ichigomayuri, knocking them all out. He then turned to me.

"Come here girl, if you resist, we will put you down"

"What have you done to my friends!?" I cried, fighting back my tears.

The GM began charging his Mind Shock and pointed it at me "Detain her!"

I began to back away, terrified…….just then…..I heard the voice again… was Alice.

"You see now?.......they hurt your friends……they don't care about them……..or you…..why should you?....."

I began to shiver…….anger building up inside me again……everything turning red and black…….power surging in my veins……they hurt my friends……they want to hurt me………I feel sick……….

I began to glow an evil purple…….as Alice continued to whisper to me, the GM and everyone around me began to back away.


"They fear us……they hate us…….they don't want us……..they want to hurt us……" She continued "I won't let them…….we won't let them do it……give in to my embrace…..I will protect you……we will kill them…..together….."

These were the last words I heard………before I lost it completely…….

When the dust settled……my senses returned to me…….I was met with a horrific site…..

The ground was covered with destroyed security droids and the broken bodies of Espers…….both players and GM's……..the color from their faces were drained away……they were dead…….

I began to cry…….

"W…hat…..h…ha….have….I done?.....guys?.......GUY?!......WHERE ARE YOU!?"

Just then I felt someone's hand on my shoulder, I turned and it was Escalade, everyone else as well were behind him. Slightly beat up and ragged from my sudden outburst.

"Esca……guys…..what's happened?!......what are they talking about?!!......what's going on?!!"

Escalade hugged me tightly before replying.

"I don't know Karin…..I don't know….."

I held onto Escalades arm and began to cry more and more.

"It…..w…wasn't my fault……this…..this…..thing took control of me….I…I…didn't mean it….I didn't….."

"Its ok Karin…calm down" He said "Its not your fault……we need to….."

Just then a siren went off in the stadium, it was the alarm.

Inchigomayuri drew his revolver.

"More of them are coming, what are we gonna do guys!"

Escalade dropped his head before turning back to me, fighting back his tears.

"They are after you Karin……you can't stay in the Netsphere anymore….or with us……you need to leave…."

I stared at him in shock and disbelief before I replied to him.

"Leave?,,,,,your…..kicking me out?"

Escalade closed his eyes.

"You can't stay in the clan while your infected Karin……I have no choice…….I am sorry… need to get out of here before they find you!"

No matter how much I hated it…..he was right….if I stayed with them…..they would surly be punished for hiding me……

"I……I…..I know ……" I said

Wolfyfang hugged me and began crying.

"Master……..we won't ever forget you….."

"Likewise" said Ichigomayuri "You will always be a part of our clan Karin…"

"We will buy you some time so you can lose them in the Network Roads, your on your own afterwards buddy, you better stay safe ok?" Said Jameszterr as he took my hand "We don't wanna lose you like this, understand?"

"I know Jam……I'll never forget you guys……..cya……"

And with my final goodbye said, I logged out of the stadium and headed for the Network Roads.

And ever since then…..I have been running…..always running…….I am now the unwilling owner of Alice……a virus with unimaginable power…..and a heart as dark as Black Matter.

She was both the source of all my troubles……but also my protector…..her hatred for the Netsphere and other Espers are what kept me alive… least for now.

Her reasons are unknown why she hates them so much……but it seems she wants to use my skills to unleash that hatred…….


……Sorry…….I need to get moving now……they are catching up……
Been thinking about this for a while XP

I couldent contain this anymore ^^

Its dedicated to my clan in S4 League ^^

Clan N.I.N.J.A

Me = Leoarcticaa

I hope you guys like ^^

plz comment ^^
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ARWINGx1 Oct 21, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I was gonna plan on doing my own S4 League fan-fic soon, but, I haven't thought much about it yet, but some details though.

When I first got attacked by the Asteroid virus, it would cling onto my face while I'm cursing like "Argh! What the he** is this thing?! Urgh!" While trying to rip it off. (Which, of course, were impossible)

Eventually, when I'm becoming the Chaser, (I already had in mind how it would be while I am the cahser in the game) I would get a really serious headache while the Asteroid Virus is "disconnecting" my brain (without me noticing because of the pain) & "reconnects" a fake mind, turning me into a mindless puppet, obeying the virus. (You know, with responses such as Yes, master...) But with some "senseless" anger too.

However, after regaining consciousness, I wouldn't remember anything that happend while I were the chaser, unlike you. (Which would make sense if the Asteroid Virus "overrided" my "connection" with my brain &... well, you know...)

Also, it would be kind of different from the original Asteroid Virus, I would be slow, but "unstopable", because I would either walk, or jog towards my enemies
LeoArcticaa Oct 21, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i understand, Alice doe's not take over my mind, she just feeds off my sorrow and fills me with anger whenever something goes wrong (which you see alot happens in the story XD)
ARWINGx1 Mar 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
oops, what I meant is that it would show me an image of another eSper in wireframe & in T-stance.
LeoArcticaa Apr 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know, I used that virus before ^^ its very cool when it senses another esper and then drains it when u kill someone XD
ARWINGx1 Mar 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Btw, I forgot that about the way the Asteroid Virus would turn me into the Chaser, it does make sense that it "Hacks into my brain & overrides certain parts" if it's because of these 3 things:

Before it appears when I'm the Chaser, several Hexagon panels would appear around me on the floor, & there would be some computer related text (forgot what it was since I prefer the Ophelia Virus now) in front of me before the virus appears from below

At random points, it would show me of another eSper in Wireframe & in a T-stance.

When killing the Target, it would look like it's draining the victims data.

Like I said, it does make sense that It turns me into the Chaser through "mind control" because of those 3 reasons, huh?
ARWINGx1 Oct 24, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Actually, I thought that the Asteroid Virus would make me evil by "hacking" into my brain & "Overrrides" certain parts. However, the part where I regain concsiousnes without memory remains

I mean, when I had the Asteroid Virus, at random times, it would show a person in wireframe in a T-stance, & killing the Target will make it drain the victim's "Data"

One more thing, I guess that you would like to read my Story WHEN it's done, huh? :meow:
LeoArcticaa Oct 24, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sure i like 2 ^^
ARWINGx1 Oct 25, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Btw, in case you wonder how I would look like: [link]
SaiProject Jul 24, 2011   Digital Artist
Its beautiful. *watch*
LeoArcticaa Jul 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh ty very much ^^
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